autodecco technology guarantees you maximum flexibility, power, and compatibility.

At Microcad Software we are proud to develop software products based on Autodesk® technology. This is a great advantage to our clients. We believe that designers and other professionals using our software products benefit by increasing their productivity and efficiency.

Other benefits include flexibility, reliability, and frequently updated products.

We are committed to consistently improving our software so that our products remain the top choice for our customers. Below are some of the things we are working on:

Parametric cabinet mark-up languaje o pcmul
This is the Microcad Software response to the need to display and administer electronic custom cabinets correctly. With PCMUL, it is possible to define different parts of the cabinet, such as the frame, box and shelves. In the last level of the sub-assembly description, there is an AutoCAD® block (most parts of cabinets can be built from a cube of 1x1x1). All sorts of custom cabinets will be accurately built from this small measure up.

Programas de diseño a medida
Microcad Software develops customized design software packages for corporations in need of a tool to display their products in a virtual environment.

ATHENA is a good example. ATHENA is an application developed for the Averys Group, one of the largest European manufacturers of metal furniture, shelving, and storage systems. ATHENA displays different shelving models, optimizing the linear load lines within a virtual architectonic space. It then allows you to tour the installation in 3D, either in sketch mode or using photo-realistic images. Finally, it generates the plans and a list of all the parts used for a quote.

Programa de presupuestos personalizados
Microcad Software also develops customized pricing and order management programs for cabinet manufacturers. These programs can be automatically linked to a design software package, or they can work independently.

Estimate is a pricing and order management program. It includes graphics with the manufacturer's product catalog, along with references, basic dimensions, options and prices. The prices are calculated according to whatever variables apply. The manufacturer can send new prices and references to dealers over the Internet, which will save time updating catalogs.

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