All about Microcad Software, experts in the development and sales of interior design software for more than fifteen years.

Microcad Software, a subsidiary of Microcad Informatica, was created in 1987 to develop and market CAD software applications. In 1995, Microcad Software developed a customized software program using AutoCAD®.

In 1998, Microcad Software was the first European company to sign an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Autodesk® for the development of a kitchen design program. This is how autokitchen® was born. Today, autokitchen® is the leading stand-alone kitchen design software built on a standard CAD engine, namely AutoCAD®. Since its introduction in 1998, autokitchen® has put the power and flexibility of AutoCAD® into the hands of thousands of designers, architects, builders, cabinetmakers and remodelers.

Microcad Software is a privately held company with offices in New Jersey, USA, Hertfordshire, London, UK and Málaga, Spain. We also have sales teams in over fifteen countries. The company´s core software development and customer service teams are located near the Parque Tecnológico Industrial de Andalucía in Málaga, Spain.

London Office   USA Office
Our offices in England (London) and USA (New York).

Microcad Software has had an international presence since its inception. The London, UK office has been open since 1999. The US office, located in northern New Jersey, opened in 2002.

In addition to our main offices, we have presence in other countries such as Australia, Germany, France and South Africa, through sales agents and software distributors.

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Microcad Software, more than thirty years offering the most advanced technology for designing interior spaces. Apps for Windows, Mac and iOS.