Main features of autodecco 22 PRO Interior Design, the interior design software. Fast, reliable, easy to use and learn, customizable and AutoCAD compatible.
Windows 10 Compatible


autodecco® 22 PRO is a true 3D, interior design software for the sophisticated interior designer.

Benefits of using autodecco® PRO:
  • Your autodecco® files are native DWG files. Share your interior design file with architects and builders. Insert the architect's AutoCAD® file into autodecco®. Insert autodecco® drawings into an AutoCAD® floor plan.
  • Faster design. With autodecco® PRO you design by placing 3D objects, instead of drawing line by line.
  • Bring your customer projects to life with instant 3D perspectives, quick color renders and amazing photorealistic images.
  • Generate a quote for the project.
  • Speed up your orders. With autodecco® PRO, you can generate a project list in seconds and export it to Excel to personalize and submit your cabinetry order.
 General Features 
  • Fast: Create a design in minutes. Place cabinets individually or in groups. Edit or move elements as needed.
  • Reliable: Design with the level of precision you desire. Place and edit as many dimensions as you need. Work in imperial or metric systems (or both).
  • Compatible: Your autodecco® files are native DWG files. You can insert DWG files into your project or export your file and drop it into AutoCAD®. In addition to DWG files, with autodecco® you can generate DWFs, PDFs, JPGs, BMPs and DXF files.
  • Easy to use: The autodecco® interface is simple and uncluttered. Many icons do several tasks. All icons come with tag lines.
  • Customizable: Change dimensions, door styles, moldings, codes or references, placement settings and descriptions.
  • Video clip feature allows you to showcase your project as a walk-through presentation.

 Specific Features 
Draw walls manually, using polylines or templates
Draw the kitchen layout using ready-made templates, polylines, or manually placing each wall. Place walls at any angle. Build curved walls and slanted ceilings.
Partition walls, columns, plumbing covers and accessories
Insert partition walls of any dimensions, columns, plumbing covers and ceiling and wall accessories.
Wall openings
Create wall openings of any type and dimension based on a shape you draw.
Any combination of materials and finishes from floor to ceiling
Any combination of materials and finishes from floor to ceiling: tiles, paint, brick, wood.
Design fitted wardrobes
Design fitted wardrobes with a specific interface and modify them at any time. It automatically generates dimensioned floor plans and elevations of the wardrobe.
Four different views at a time (floor plan, elevations, and perspectives)
See the design in up to four different views at a time (floor plan, elevations, and perspectives).
Modify, move and rotate cabinets
Modify cabinets on the fly, before or after placement. Move and rotate cabinets.
Place cabinetry automatically or manually
Simple, powerful tool for manually placing elements that automatically line up with the walls and other previously inserted elements. It's also possible to place elements automatically at any distance from the wall or other element. The program will tell you if there is any interference from another element in the design.
Cabinets, accessories and countertops from a shape
Draw shapes of any form and extrude them into cabinets, accessories, and/or countertops.
Store your own shapes
Store your own shapes.
Store your own customized cabinets or set of cabinets
Store your customized cabinets or sets of cabinets and place them in future projects as one unit.
Automatic insertion of lights
Automatic insertion of lights: recessed, fluorescent, spot, halogen. The lights can be adjusted all at once or one at a time.
Extensive library of finishes/materials
Extensive library of finishes/materials: tiles, marble, granite, wood, and paint. In the PRO version you can add finishes with a digital camera.
Tools to insert dimensions, notes, installation symbols and codes
Tools to insert dimensions, notes for fitters, installation symbols and codes.
Print your projects with up to four views per page
Print your projects on any size paper and including up to four views per page.
Print your projects with up to four views per page
Add automatic legends with the description of cabinets and appliances used in a project or with the symbols used to create a mechanical or electrical plan.
Realistic color render based on ray tracing technology
Realistic color render based on ray technology.
Fast Shade function
Create hand-drawn colored images at the click of a button with the new Fast Shade function.
Create a video clip of your project
Create a video clip of your project. The clip will be created based on two main variables: the camera path and the specific areas the camera looks at. Additional variables such as color resolution, video length and others can be specified by you.
Estimate is generated instantly
Estimate is generated instantly, including complete information about all elements of the design and different levels of detail depending on what you want to show. (optional)

Placing furniture in the design is fast and straightforward. The selected object to be placed automatically rotates as you drag the object through the design. There is a snap function which, once activated, places the furniture precisely against the desired wall or object.

Furniture can also be placed on automatic mode: adjacent to the last furniture element placed or directly above the last element placed, at a predefined distance.

Furniture can also be placed on automatic mode

With autodecco® PRO, groups of cabinets or furniture can be defined and exported to other designs with ease. The export can be done as a block of furniture or as individual objects.

You will be able to complete a design rapidly and print drawing plans from different views (elevations, floor plans, 3D) with all dimensions, references, notations, electrical outlets and other details. High-quality color renderings can also be produced rapidly with autodecco®.

High-quality color renderings

The printing function allows you to print views or photos, specifying the scale, color or black and white, paper format and logo box. It's also possible to print the view that's actually on your screen, automatically scaled to your paper size, by specifying the format, orientation, and whether or not you want to hide lines.

Estimate 6.0 is available as an option with the Pro and Studio versions. Estimate 6.0 automatically generates an item list and quote of any autodecco design. The cabinets can have one or more reference codes. It's also possible to create a quote and quotes can be printed with different layers of information depending on what you want to show your clients or dealers.

Estimate 6.0

The drawings can be done in inches or centimeters; autodecco® will adapt them to the unit of measure in the design. The different finishes that should be applied to the objects are defined in the catalog. This allows y ou to use one AutoCAD® drawing (without finishes) to create a catalog of models that are differentiated by the colors and finishes that you use.

autodecco® PRO includes a Catalog Editor that allows you to create and upload furniture created in AutoCAD®. This function will save you time and money building and maintaining your catalogs.

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