Microcad Software and Autodesk Microcad Software and Autodesk autokitchen® and autodecco® are based on Autodesk® technology. This gives all our users undeniable advantages when producing their designs:

How to use an AutoCAD® drawing in autodecco®:
  • You can open or insert an AutoCAD® layout file in autodecco® and edit it, print it or use it as a template (for example to draw the walls of the kitchen tracing an AutoCAD® drawing).
  • You can add a 3D AutoCAD® block to your project by inserting the DWG in autodecco®.
You can also open autodecco® drawings with AutoCAD®. autodecco® drawings are native DWG files, just like all AutoCAD® files. In some cases, you may need to activate the Microcad Object Enabler so that AutoCAD® recognizes all of the elements created in autodecco®. The Object Enabler utility is located inside the Tools folder in your autodecco® CD.

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